Toadette on her Magikruiser.

The Magikruiser is a bike in Mario Kart Wii. It can only be driven by small characters. The Magikruiser resembles a Magikoopa (probably Kamek in a purple disguise) lying down. The exhaust pipe looks like the brush of a broom. It is unlocked by completing Time Trials on 8 different courses. The kart counterpart of this bike is the Rally Romper. The Magikruiser has the best off-road stat in the game. You can take shortcuts without losing speed. It;s drift is not the best. Additionally, the Magikruiser is very light, which makes it easy for large karts to push it off courses like Rainbow Road. Its other stats are average to Mid-High.


  • Speed: Medium
  • Weight: Very Low
  • Acceleration: Mid-high
  • Handling:Mid-high
  • Drift: Mid-low
  • Off-Road: Excellent
  • Mini-Turbo: Medium

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