319px-Magmaw Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is the artwork of a Magmaw in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


A Magmaw prepares to pass through an asteroid in the Melty Monster Galaxy.

Magmaws are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are not to be confused with Magmaarghs. Magmaws and Magmaarghs are a sub-species of Blarggs. These enemies are made entirely of Lava. They have two eyes and a large mouth. Being made of a type of liquid and Lava, Magmaws (much like with Magmaarghs), can pass through objects without being affected. Magmaws only appear on the Magmaw Planet in the Melty Monster Galaxy. Here, they will raise up from the Lava in the background, and come and pass through asteroids that Mario/Luigi must jump on to proceed to the nearby Power Stars. If a Magmaw passes through an asteroid while Mario/Luigi is on it, they will react as if they have touched Lava and will run around uncontrollably for a few seconds. Much like with Magmaarghs, Magmaws cannot be defeated at all. 


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