A Magmotamus in some Lava.

Magmotamuses are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are large blob-like creatures with yellow spikes on their backs. They have black and white eyes with black pupils and a squiggly red mouth. Magmotamuses are rare enemies, for they only appear in Lava Landing of Hot Land and Meta Melon Isle of Dream Land. They do not attack Kirby or Prince Fluff and simply serve as obstacles to cross Lava. They will sink into the Lava if stood on for too long. However, if Kirby or Prince Fluff turns into his Weight form above a Magmotamus, they will stun it for a while, keeping it from sinking into the lava. However, if they are pounded twice, they will be defeated, causing the player to fall into the lava below. 


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