Mailtoad giving Mario a message in Super Mario Galaxy.


Mailtoad telling Mario what Peach included in her letter.

The Mailtoad is a Toad and member of the Toad Brigade who appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is a purple Toad who delivers mail to Mario. In Super Mario Galaxy, once Mario has rescued the Toad Brigade, Mailtoad will have a letter from Peach that contains 5 1ups. However, if playing as Luigi, you will receive 20 1ups. Mailtoad gets this letter every once in a while. Mailtoad continues to deliver mail throughout the entire game. Mailtoad also gives Mario various other letters, such as when Luigi finds a Power Star and needs rescuing. The letter will include a picture of where Luigi and the Power Star are. Along with the other 4 members of the Toad Brigade, Mailtoad is found in many different galaxies. He is known to sing cheerfully after Mario finds the Toad Brigade. Mailtoad enjoys snorkeling; he is often found underwater. He claims to have a "Level One Snorkel- Toad Certification". In Purple Coin levels, he will appear and ask Mario if he saw any coins underwater or not. Mailtoad also tries racing the Penguins in the Sea Slide Galaxy, but fails. When Mario meets Mailtoad in the Comet Observatory, he refers to himself as "a mailtoad" probably meaning there are other Toads with the same job. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mailtoad stands on Starship Mario, ready to deliver letters whenever Mario returns from a Power Star mission. If Mailtoad has a letter or postcard, a letter will appear over his head. By speaking to Mailtoad will make you receive the letter. Some of the letters are from Peach, and contain free 1up Mushrooms! That is an easy way to help yourself get some 1ups. When Mailtoad receives an invitation for a special event or challenge, Mario will also receive the invitation. Mailtoad keeps all delivered mail handy, so if Mario wants to read an old letter he can just speak to Mailtoad.

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