800px-Angry Major Burrows-1-

An angry Major Burrows.


Mario fighting Major Burrows.

Major Burrows is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. He lives on one of the planets in the Gusty Garden Galaxy. He is found chasing a Star Bunny before battle. Major Burrows also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in the Boss Blitz Galaxy. Major Burrows resembles are large, brown Undergrunt. He wears a blue, Spiny Shell helmet that he uses to burry back in the ground. He has light blue eyes that are often dilated when his expression changes, long white eyebrows, and large, round cheeks. He has three whiskers on each side of his snout. When angry, Major Burrow's helmet turns red, and his eyes are golden with no pupils visible. The battle practices Ground Pounding and spinning. Major Burrows appears in the level "The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows" where he chases a Star Bunny around a tree. At the start of the battle, Major Burrows ignores Mario and continues chasing the Star Bunny. Mario must Ground Pound somewhere near him, when Major Burrows pops up halfway out of the ground to stun him. When stunned, Mario must Star Spin (spin) Major Burrows, causing him to lose a life. Major Burrows will then turn to Mario and chase Mario instead of the Star Bunny. Mario must repeat the process ove again twice to defeat Major Burrows. However, after Mario performs a Ground Pound, Major Burrows will run away once he's been stunned. Mario must chase after him. For the final time, Major Burrows will turn red and chase Mario at a faster speed. If Major Burrows is stunned, he will retreat back underground and come back fully restored, then chase Mario furiously. Mario must do another Ground Pound, which will cause Major Burrows to run away, like he did before. After the final Star Spin he is defeated and releases a Power Star. The player must face Major Burrows again from a Daredevil Comet. During this battle, Mario must defeat Major Burrows with just one life. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Major Burrows is the third boss fought in the Boss Blitz Galaxy. The battle is the same way it was in Super Mario Galaxy.

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