A Mandibug.

Mandibugs are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. In Super Mario Galaxy, they infested the Honeyhive Galaxy. Mandibugs are led by Bugaboom. They are unfriendly neighbors of the Bees, and they take over the Bee's tower in the mission "Trouble on the Tower". Here are a little and giant Mandibug appear on top of each other when Mario rides the windmill to the top. Besides the Honeyhive Galaxies, Mandibugs appear on the Honey Walls of the Honeyclimb Galaxy, and on Airships. Mandibugs attack by chasing Mario, and attacking Mario with their mandibles. This can hurt Mario or Luigi if they get hit by a Mandibug's mandibles. One Mandibug can be defeated by ground pounding its back, as for it has a marking of blast on its back (similar to the marking on the Ground Pound Switch). Mandibugs appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy. Another pair of big and little Mandibugs appear on top of each other in the mission- "The Puzzling Picture Block". Again, Mario defeats them and earns a Power Star. The Mandibug's leader, Bugaboom, appears in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy's Secret Star.

Sub- Species-


A Mandibug chasing Mario.

  • Flipbugs

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