Mangoruby as seen in his boss level.

Mangoruby is a boss in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He is the fifth boss to be fought. He is faced in his boss level, Mangoruby Run. Mangoruby is found sleeping peacefully before he is hypnotized by the Flute Tiki.


While Mangoruby is at normal stage, he has a yellow head with green leaves growing out of it. He also has six pink body segments which are connected to green tubes. Mangoruby also has green leaves for arms and flower-like eyes. When hypnotized, Mangoruby's body segments become yellow and electrified.


Mangoruby mainly attacks by chasing the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) around the giant stage. The boss chases the Kongs through all the twists and turns in the giant stage, hurting the Kongs if they come in contact with him. However, the Kongs will be safe if they stand on one of the various wooden platforms throughout the stage. Occasionally, the boss will drop a ball of electrical energy that will split up into two surges going in opposite directions. If the Kongs touch a surge, they'll lose a Heart.


To defeat Mangoruby, the Kongs must hit all five switches on the platforms to release the light. This weaken's the Flute Tiki's control over Mangoruby and will also unelectrify Mangoruby. The Kongs must then jump on Mangoruby's pink body segments to destroy them (the Kongs can only destroy two at a time). This must be done three times to defeat the boss. After this, the Flute Tiki will release his control over Mangoruby and will be vulnerable to Donkey Kong's attack.



  • If the Kongs do not hit the first switch, Mangoruby will never show up. Only when the Kongs hit the switch will Mangoruby chase the Kongs.
  • His fight music is 1 out of the 3 boss themes that can be unlocked, the other two being Stu's music and Tiki Tong's music.
  • Mangoruby is one of the two bosses that does not provoke the Kongs by eating/transporting their Banana Hoard, prior to the boss fight. The other boss is Stu.

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