This article is about the course in Mario Kart Wii. For the stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, see Mario Circuit.

800px-MarioCircuit MKWii-1-

Mario Circuit.

800px-MKW Mario Circuit1-1-

Near the first set of Item Boxes.

800px-MKW Mario Circuit2-1-

Near the Chain Chomp.

Mario Circuit is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is set in Toad Town. It is named after Mario with a Mario balloon, Mario billboards, Mario streetlights and more. After every cup, you are sent here for the award show. If you win, you are shown driving through the course with a trophy. If you lose you are on hills above the city watching the winners. Goombas and a Chain Chomp are hazards on this course. Racers start the race going downhill through a straight stretch. On the stretch are Item Boxes. Hammer Bros, Shy Guys, and Sledge Bros can be seen cheering the player on either side of the road. After a turn left are a few Goombas who are waddling in the road. Colliding with the Goombas can spin you out. After the Goombas is a twist in the road leading to another set of Item Boxes. Up ahead are two paths to take. One is on a ramp near the Chain Chomp off-road. You can take the ramp for a stunt, but you gain speed and may lose control, hitting a wall, which is even worse. You could also get hit by the Chain Chomp. The other path is on the left of the ramp and is the main path. The right lane is too dangerous to drive on; the Chain Chomp can reach as far as this lane. After the curve around the chain chomp is an underpass, where you had started the race. There is a left turn after the underpass. Here are moving Item Boxes, unlike the previous ones. The path is straight until a curve left. Here are more Goombas waddling around. After the Goombas is a straight path. By continuing driving straight, you will see the finish line. Fantastico! You're ready for your second lap. Remember to avoid the Chain Chomp and Goombas.

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