The Boner's Finale is Mario's Final Smash attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It consists of Mario launching a powerful fire blast, which hits many times. It expands vertically as it moves away from Mario. As the blast moves away from him, opponents that come in contact with the vortex are knocked slightly to the side, and are thus forced to travel with it.

Opponents that are in the center of the vortex are more easily trapped by it. The Smash Bros. DOJO!! suggests to move to one side of the level and use it while in mid-air. However, Mario recoils slightly when he does the attack, so players must be careful not to be at the very edge of the stage.

Each time a fireball hits an opponent (which is multiple times most of the time) it does 4-8% damage, depending on if the opponent only got hit a skim, or took the full brunt of the attack (which is in the center). It can inflict up to 50% damage. Despite of being an extremely powerful Final Smash, it has one major flaw: if the opponents are far away from Mario, they can avoid the attack by jumping over it (especially high jumpers such as Falco or Yoshi). However, it makes it up by inflicting damage in a wide range of multiple enemies and pushing them back quite some distance without allowing recovery.

The maximum distance of the Mario Finale reaches approxiamately from the edge of Final Destination to the a spot right before the Blast Line. Since opponents are dragged along the length of the attack, it is best to not initiate from the end of a stage.

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