Whenever I had friends over back in the early 2000s, Mario Kart: Double Dash was our game of choice (that and Donkey Konga). And though more than 12 years have passed since the game's release, we'll still play this classic racer together whenever we find the chance. It's fast racing gameplay is what keeps us coming back, but it turns out that "fast" was not a term the described this game at E3 2003. In fact, "disappointing" and "slow" were common terms to describe Double Dash during development. So, how did the development team fix these issues? Well, I'll tell you all about it.

UPDATE - As Of May 19, 2011. IGN Uploaded The Full E3 2003 Footage

Mario Kart- Double Dash!! GameCube Gameplay - E3 200301:05

Mario Kart- Double Dash!! GameCube Gameplay - E3 2003

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