Mario Raceway in Mario Kart Wii.

Mario Raceway is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It first appeared in Mario Kart 64, making it a retro cup course. The road is made of concrete. Mario's cap is one top of the terrace near the starting line. There are cone-bearing trees too. Mario Raceway has no hazards/pits. However, there are Piranha Plants near corners. Bumping into them can spin you out. The grass is so rough, not even the Kart or Bike with the best off-road stat could get over it without slowing down. Using a Star, Golden Mushroom or Mushroom can help you find shortcuts on the grass. When the race begins, you go straight and turn. You will go near a hill and find a semi-circular turn around a big toadstool. There is a long stretch of road after that, leading racers to a curl S bend. You will go through a Warp Pipe. After that is a turn right and you will see the finish line. Magnificent! You're ready for your second lap! If you go to high up the hill, you must be rescued by Lakitu.

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