Donkey Kong on a swinging platform on a ship in Mast Blast.

Mast Blast is the eighteenth level in Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the third level in the Ruins (Donkey Kong Country Returns). Not only does this level take place in the ruins, but also on the beach and on three different ships. When the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) reach the beach area, many ships begin to shoot cannonballs at them, making the level quite similar to the Beach level, Cannon Cluster. However, the apes can find a way into the ships and avoid their vicious attacks. The primates can travel inside and outside the ships, and when they are outside the ships, they can find many ship yards to travel on. Similar to the mast levels in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest, the apes must climb up these masts to proceed through the level. However, as the apes try to complete this level, they are attacked by Snaps, Pinchleys, Tiki Torches, Tiki Goons, and, of course, cannonballs, all of which are the enemies of this level. In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:37:00 is needed to get a gold medal, a time of 2:06:00 for a silver medal, and a time of 2:40:00 for a bronze medal.



The Kongs nearing a Tiki Torch in the ruins part of the level, which is also the beginning of the level.

At the beginning of the level, the Kongs come up to a straight pathway in the ruins area with a DK Barrel. Just after passing the DK Barrel, the Kongs can find a Barrel Cannon above a nearby gap that can shoot them to an Auto-Fire Barrel, which in turn, fires the apes to a slide-shaped floor. A Tiki Torch is here as well as a dandelion that can be blown on for a collectible, most likely. The slide-shaped platform curves downward and leads the apes to three small platforms with Tiki Goons on them, the second platform not having a Tiki Goon, but a Banana instead. After climbing up a slanted platform going up after the platforms, the Kongs can find a Barrel Cannon that shoots the Kongs further into the background, however, the camera zooms in a little as soon as the Kongs land on another floor, which is next. This floor has a second Tiki Torch on it, as well as a small platform at behind where the Kongs land that holds a dandelion that can be blown on for a prize. Farther ahead, the floor starts to slide down (the apes must slide down/roll down at this point). There is a gap shortly after this in the floor with the letter K of the K-O-N-G Letters. After the gap, is another slanted floor that the Kongs can slide/roll down that has a Tiki Goon on it and an Auto-Fire Barrel at the end. This cannon fires the Kongs to another slanted platform closer in the foreground with an Auto-Fire Barrel at the end. The Auto-Fire Barrel fires the apes to one last stanted platform that the primates must slide/roll down far in the background with a Barrel Cannon at the end. The Barrel Cannon fires the apes into the beach area, where the land directly at the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint. Here, the music slightly changes. Anyway, if the apes go left, they can find three Crates stacked on top of one another with a special Banana Bunch behind it. This probably takes skill to reach, or is out of reach for the Kongs to grab it. Anyway, farther ahead of the checkpoint are some Snaps,

The Kongs passing the the two explosive Crates covering the gap with the Barrel Cannon in it.

Pinchlies, spikes, and normal and explosive Crates. At this point, ships in the background fire cannonballs at the Kongs. The letter O can be found above the first explosive Crate, and a Heart can be found right next to it. There is a wooden pillar nearby that can help the Kongs jump above some stacked Crates, the last one being explosive. Here, the first ship fires cannonballs at the apes. A Snaps and Pinchley appear just after these Crates. Immediately after these crab enemies, are two explosive Crates covering a gap with a Barrel Cannon in it. Further ahead is something else. Anyway, if the primates get the cannonballs to land on the explosive Crates by standing on them, they can make their way into the Barrel Cannon. The Barrel Cannon fires them into a ship, where the apes find themselves inside the ship. A red gate is in front of the apes, but the Kongs can bust it open with a roll or cartwheel attack. Just ahead are four Snaps walking towards the apes, one behind the other that can be defeated with a roll attack or jumping on one to another, as well as some normal Crates. The third Crate is next to another red gate. The crate can be pounded on for a Heart. The apes can then roll into the gate to bust it open. Immediately after doing so, the apes can find a Crate that can help them jump to the red gate that was just busted open. On the gate, the Kongs can then jump to a gray platform. Here, the Kongs can jump up to a slanted area on their left. Here, there are large cannonballs that constantly roll down the platform, hurting the apes if touched, three cannons that can be pounded to cause them to fire a cannonball and release a Banana Bunch, Banana, and Banana Coin (going from first to third cannon) and a swinging platform above this pathway that can help the Kongs reach a gray platform sticking out. On the gray platform, the Kongs can jump onto a wooden floor with a gap not too far ahead (which makes the Kongs fall back onto the pathway with the stray cannonballs and cannons), two Snaps and some more cannons that can be pounded on. Just after the gap is another cannon that can be pounded on, a Snaps and a Pinchley. Just before the ship's stern and next to the Pinchley, is a tall red gate, which can be broken with a roll/cartwheel attack. After the gate is broken, the ship's mast breaks off and falls into the sea. On the stern past two Snaps and a Pinchley, is a red gate in the ground that can be broken with a pound that can take the Kongs to a pathway in the ship leading to the letter N. Immediately after this gate in the ground, is the Tutorial Pig hosting the checkpoint at the very end of the ship. Above the ship and over the ocean is a Barrel Cannon that can fire the Kongs to a second ship that appears to be the fleet's command ship. After being fired from the cannon, the Kongs will land on a strange Pinchley with a pirate hat on it that seems to be "showing itself off". The heroes automatically defeat this enemy when they land on it. Directly to the right of the apes is a wooden gate with a Snaps behind it. The gate can be broken with a roll attack. Right after the Snaps is a sail covered in green, grassy turf. Below this are some normal and explosive Crates, as well as some Snaps. If the apes can get a ship to fire cannonballs at the explosive crates, they can make their way into a Bonus Room. The primates can climb the sail covered in grassy turf to reach an Auto-Fire Barrel that blasts them to a yard. The yard tilts with apes weight, so the primates can tilt it to a side to be able to reach the turf on the above sail to grab the letter G. They can also tilt it to reach a neighboring mast, which is slightly longer. Here, is a Pinchley, some Bananas and Banana Coins, as well as a Barrel Cannon to the left of the mast that can fire the Kongs to a yard above that tilts with the Kong's weight. Here, a ship fires a cannonball that bends the mast a little, and two Snaps who walk about the yard, as well as three Bananas above the yard can be found. The Kongs can tilt the yard to reach some swinging platforms which the apes must jump on to advance; below this is another yard with an explosive Crate. Using the swinging platforms, the last with a Snaps on it, the apes can grab onto a rope with a Banana Coin on it to reach a Barrel Cannon. The cannon fires the apes to an Auto-Fire Barrel, which in turn, fires the apes to another Auto-Fire Barrel. However, when the Barrel Cannon fires the apes to the Auto-Fire Barrel, the apes destroy the ship's mast, causing it to fall when the apes are in the second Auto-Fire Barrel. The mast then smashes part of the other ship in the background, causing it to sink as well. The primates end up on the sunken ship's floating crow's nest, where the Slot Machine Barrel is located. When the Slot Machine Barrel is hit, the level is complete.


K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: Shortly after the first Puzzle Piece, the Kongs slide down a slanted pathway. As they come up to a gap, the letter K can be found above it. All the apes must do is jump high to reach it.
  • O: Soon after the third Puzzle Piece, the duo can find the letter O over the first explosive Crate.
  • N: Immediately before the second checkpoint, the heroes should pound on the red gate on the ground, to reach a small pathway in the first ship with the letter O.
  • G: When the Kongs reach the first yard on the second ship, they should cling onto the grassy turf of the above sail to collect the letter G.

Puzzle Pieces

  1. Mast265-1-

    The Kongs in a Bonus Room.

    Near the start of the level, when the Kongs are fired to the background where the second Tiki Torch is found, the Kongs should head backwards and blow on a dandelion on a small platform to reveal the first Puzzle Piece.
  2. Immediately after the Kongs land on the beach area, they should head backwards to find three crates stacked on each other. Since they are too high for the Kongs to jump on top of, the apes must bounce on top of some nearby Snaps to get an extra boost on their jump. If they pound all the crates down, they can get the second Puzzle Piece.
  3. Before the Kongs shoot to the first ship, they can find a rectangular Crate on top of a small gap. If they smash the Crate, they can find the Puzzle Piece in the gap.
  4. The fourth Puzzle Piece is located at the end of the second ship, which can be seen when the Kongs are fired to this ship. To reach it, the duo must travel to the top of the first sail and roll-jump off of it to the back area of the ship. If they travel down the area, they can find the fourth Puzzle Piece.
  5. If the primates drop to the bottom of of the second ship, they can find two explosive Crates on top of each other over a small gap. The Kongs should make the ships fire cannonballs at the explosive Crates to destroy them by standing on the Crates. When all are destroyed, the apes should fall into the gap to be transferred into a Bonus Room. Here, the apes must collect forty-seven Bananas, one Extra Life Balloon, and two Banana Coins around two moving platforms. If all collectibles are collected within the time limit of thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears for the primates to collect.
  6. On the yard under the letter G, the heroes should roll jump to the right (or left in Mirror Mode) to reach two explosive Crates. They should jump off the Crates to reach the front area of the ship, where a Puzzle Piece can be found.
  7. When the Kongs reach the two swinging platforms on top of the second ship, they should jump down to a hidden yard, where an explosive Crate can be found. They should draw the cannonballs from the third ship towards it to make it explode. When the Crate is gone, a Puzzle Piece appears.


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