Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is a game that is available on the Wii. The Wii Zapper is able to be used to play.


Players start as John Berg, commonly referred to as Berg from other members of their squad. The whole game was based on the Battle of Cherbourg.

Online gameplay

This game has multiplayer available for those that have the connection. Each game can hold up to 32 players, but this number can be limited. There are also a number of settings that are allowed for gameplay. There are also three kind of matches:

  • Deathmatch - Every man for themself, everyone can be attacked by others.
  • Team deathmatch - Two teams, allies and axis, fight to have the best score at the end of the game.
  • Infiltration - Known as capture the flag, players go into the opposing team base to gain the flag. Once they run back, they need to place flag in the base. Can only score if the teams flag is there.

There is a lack of online gameplay for Australia, due to a programing mistake. EA has offered a refund to those that bought it for the online capabilities.

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