Fuzzy giant-1-

A Mega Fuzzy.


A Mega Fuzzy about on a line in World 7-3.

Mega Fuzzies are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are a larger sub-species of Fuzzies. Like any other larger sub-species does (behave like their smaller cousins), a Mega Fuzzy behaves just like their smaller sub-species, however, they are much larger making them harder to avoid. If a Mega Fuzzy comes in contact with the player, the player will take damage or die at small form. Like normal Fuzzies, Mega Fuzzies can be defeated by being frozen from an iceball from an Ice Flower or hit by Fireballs from a Fire Flower. Mega Fuzzies, like Fuzzies, are encountered in World 7-3 and World 9-5 and World 9-8.


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