The Mega Squeekly as seen in Crowded Cavern. Those purple waves you see are shot by the Mega Squeekly.

The Mega Squeekly is an enemy in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It appears in the fifth level of the Cave (Donkey Kong Country Returns), Crowded Cavern. The Mega Squeekly is a giant sub-species of Squeeklies and makes up part of the Squeekly Family. The Mega Squeekly is the biggest and toughest bat that is encountered in Crowded Cavern. It appears for most of the level, appearing at some points, chasing the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong), trying to eat them by snapping at them. However, near the end, the Mega Squeekly shoots powerful, purple, sonic waves at different parts of the screen, whether it is the top of the screen, the middle, or the bottom of the screen repeatedly while chasing the Kongs. The Kongs must avoid these waves. Then, it shoots a giant sonic wave. It then hits some crystals, flips over, and lands on its head, laying there unconscious. The Mega Squeekly is first found sleeping happily on a large wooden platform until the Kongs jump in the Rocket Barrel. It then wakes up with a shocked/frightened expression and then gets in a rage. It then, from there, attacks the Kongs. The Mega Squeekly cannot be defeated by the Kongs, not just because of its size, but because the Kongs are on a Rocket Barrel. On a Rocket Barrel the Kongs cannot defeat any enemy (excluding Mole Miners on balloons).
Untitled picture22

The Mega Squeekly wakes up with a shocked expression in Crowded Cavern.

Untitled picture23

The Mega Squeekly gets in a rage for being woken up in Crowded Cavern.

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