Melty Molten Galaxy-1-

The Melty Molten Galaxy.

The Melty Molten Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the last major galaxy to be unlocked in a dome. This galaxy is quite large (about the size of the Gold Leaf Galaxy), but is not as large as the Toy Time Galaxy, Honeyhive Galaxy, Battlerock Galaxy or Space Junk Galaxy. This galaxy is made entirely of lava, fire and rock. It is situated between a red star and a purple star. There are many Launch Stars, which allow Mario to traverse this massive galaxy. Also, some planetoids float around it. To unlock this galaxy, get 52 Power Stars. Fiery Dino Piranha is the boss of this galaxy.


Lava Planet, Starting Area/Mt. Molten

LavaStart photo-1-

Mario on the Lava Planet, Starting Area.


Mt Molten

This area is a large disk of lava connected to the main planet. It has a small volcano named Mt. Molten with two, large platforms on either side of it. Both platforms have various enemies and obstacles on them. Small, steel platforms make a path between the two platforms. Mt. Molten is the volcano located on the Starting Planet. It has a Launch Star above it, however, if Mario happens to drop inside the volcano, he can find a Ground Pound Switch at the bottom on a rock floor, which causes many Star Bits to appear when it is Ground Pounded on. However, the volcano erupts 15 seconds after Mario Ground Pounds the switch so he will have to use a Sling Star at the bottom of the volcano to get out. Also, in the mission "Red-Hot Purple Coins" there are Purple Coins down the sides of the volcano, as well as inside it. One Purple Coin in this mission is placed on top of a small lava ring inside the volcano, causing the loss of two wedges of health from Mario's Health Meter unless he does a good-timed Spin or a Long-Jump.

Small Glass and Lava Planets

LavaPlanet photo-1-

Mario crossing the Lava Planets. If you look to the left, you can see the Glass Planets.

These planets are a collection of six lava planets and three glass planets. Mario must navigate across here using the Pull Stars. He must avoid the solar arches. If he collides with them, he will be knocked off his Pull Star Path and fall into the planets' gravity fields, which causes him to bounce across the lava surface.

Lava Planet, Forming Planets

Lava Planet Forming Planets-1-

Mario on the crashed saucer just before the Forming Planets. Just look at that sea of lava!

These are two forming planets made of cooled lava and magma. They are home to several Burn Bits. Beside them is a crashed saucer serving as the starting platform of these planets. Strangely, these planets have their own gravity, although they are part of the main planet's surface.

Lava Planet, Lava Spire

Lava Planet Lava Spire-1-

Mario on the Lava Spire.

This planet is a large, rock formation surrounded by other rock formations that are intertwined. This planet is home to several Burn Bits. On top of the Spire is a Power Star enclosed in an Item Crystal. It sounds easy, but this is not as easy as it sounds. This is because, when you step on that Spire, it starts to sink in the lava! That means you quickly go to the top, free the Power Star, and collect it, otherwise fall into the deadly lava and die. There is a shortcut at the beginning of the Spire that leads Mario halfway up, with a 1up Mushroom on that shortcut.

Stone Octagon Planet

Stone Octagon Planet-1-

Mario on the Stone Octagon Planet.

This planet is a large octagon made of stone. It is covered by three Thwomps. There is a 1up Mushroom underneath the third Thwomp. The core of this planet is a Black Hole which Mario must avoid.

U Tower Planet


Mario on the U Tower Planet.

This planet is a large, U-shaped planet made of cooled magma with stone built onto it, which makes it look like the tower of a castle. The inside of this planet is made of hot, boiling lava. On one side of this planet, there is a Launch Star leading to the next planet. On the opposite side there is a double-sided Bill Blaster that tries to stop Mario from continuing on his journey.

Lava Planet, Cooled Lava Area

LavaColled photo-1-

Mario on the Cooled Lava Area.

This is a small network of cooled lava platforms that is home to several Lava Bouncers. Mario must find five Star Chips to continue on.

Lava Ball Game Area

RollingMolten photo-1-

Mario about to jump on the Star Ball on the Lava Ball Game Area.

This area is made up of many lava panels, four stone panels and an enormous tunnel of lava. Mario must roll the Star Ball to the finish line to continue. A Bill Board will remind Mario how to control the ball. Many Meteors fall from the sky during this minigame.

Lava Planet, Steel Platform Area

Lava Planet Steel Platform Area-1-

Mario on the Steel Platform Area. Just look at that boiling lava!

This planet is a small area with many steel platforms and Sling Stars. Mario mst use the Sling Stars to avoid falling into the lava and dodge the lava spouts. At the end of this area, is Lumalee hosting the Luma Shop. Here, Mario can decide if he wants to buy a 1up Mushroom or Life Mushroom for the battle against Fiery Dino Piranha.

Disk Planet

LavaDisk photo-1-

Mario on the Disk Planet.

This planet is a small disk with a spherical lava core. It has several platforms that rotate around the core. Mario must ride them and collect five Star Chips again to continue on to the next planet.

Lava Geo Planet

LavaGeo photo-1-

Mario battling Fiery Dino Piranha on the Lava Geo Planet.

This planet is home to Fiery Dino Piranha. When first arrives on this planet, he lands on the Piranha's egg and cracks it. After pulling the tail of Fiery Dino Piranha, the boss breaks out of the egg and tries to attack Mario. After Fiery Dino Piranha is defeated, he releases a Power Star.

Lava Tide Planet

LavaTide photo-1-

Mario on the Lava Tide Planet. Look at all that lava! It looks as hot as planet Venus!

This is a small rock planet with an ocean of lava around it. It is created by feeding a Hungry Luma. The lava has a tide. The low tide reveals a network of paths which Mario can advance through. The lava covers up the paths when the tide is high. Mario must explore the planet avoiding Burn Bits and high tides, while collecting five Silver Stars for the Power Star.


The Sinking Lava Spire

Mario starts off on the Starting Planet, where he must cross and get to the Launch Star at the top of the volcano. Mario can let himself fall into the volcano for many Star Bits. When Mario leaves the volcano it erupts. On the Glass Planets of the Small Glass and Lava Planets, Mario will meet a Hungry Luma. Using the Pull Stars, Mario must cross the Lava Planets. He then goes to the Forming Planets to collect five Star Chips. This will create a Launch Star sending him to the Lava Spire. Mario must climb the sinking mountain, Spin to free the Power Star, then collect the Power Star,


Planets Visited

  • Lava Planet, Starting Area
  • Small Glass and Lava Planets
  • Lava Planet, Forming Planets
  • Lava Planet, Lava Spire

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Through the Meteor Storm

In this mission, Meteors fall constantly from the sky that burn Mario if they come in contact with him. Like the Rolling Green Galaxy, Rolling Gizmo Galaxy and Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy, Mario must ride the Star Ball to the end of the Lava Ball Game Area for the Power Star, Once he reaches the end, the ball shatters, releasing the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Lava Planet, Starting Area
  • Stone Octagon Planet
  • Lava Planet, Cooled Lava Area
  • U Tower Planet
  • Lava Ball Game Area

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Fiery Dino Piranha

In this mission, Mario must battle the fiery version of Dino Piranha, the first boss. Fiery Dino Piranha is faster than Dino Piranha, and Mario can only hit its tail once it not on fire. This is difficult because the flame goes out quicker and makes a fiery trail after a few hits.


Planets Visited

  • Lava Planet, Starting Area
  • Lava Planet, Forming Planets (probably)
  • Stone Octagon Planet
  • U Tower Planet
  • Lava Planet, Steel Platform Area
  • Lava Geo Planet

Gallery for Fiery Dino Piranha

Lava Spire Daredevil Run

This is the comet mission of this galaxy. Unlike other galaxies, instead of fighting a boss with one wedge of health, Mario must complete "The Sinking Lava Spire" mission with one wedge of health.


Planets Visited

  • Lava Planet, Starting Area
  • Small Glass and Lava Planets
  • Lava Planet, Forming Planets
  • Lava Planet, Lava Spire

Gallery for Lava Spire Daredevil Run

Red-Hot Purple Coins

Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins on the Starting Planet for the Power Star. There is no time limit for this mission.


  • None

Planets Visited

  • Lava Planet, Starting Area

Gallery for Red-Hot Purple Coins

Burning Tide

Mario must feed a Hungry Luma eighty Star Bits. It will transform into the Lava Tide Planet leaving behind a Launch Star. Using the Launch star, he will land on the Lava Tide Planet where he must collect five Silver Stars. The "islands" of this planet are sinking, and Mario must stand on the higher areas until the lava level lowers. He can now walk to the next part. Once Mario collects all five Silver Stars, they'll combine into a Power Star for Mario to collect. However, the Star is located in the lower area of the ground, so Mario must wait until it is safe to grab the Star.


Planets Visited

  • Lava Tide Planet

Gallery for Burning Tide


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