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A Metal Box.

The Metal Box is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It temporarily reduces knockback. Metal Boxes are green and white boxes with an exclamation mark. Whoever attacks them becomes metal. Although attacks may be stronger, the Metal Box has pros and cons. Attacks are stronger and you don't flinch even if your percent of damage was in the 100s. Opponents' attacks have less knockback but if you get sent off the stage you may not be able to recover. Your recovery moves have less reach and you fall faster. In Special Brawl metal is one of the switches you can switch on. You will be metal forever. Your victories, losses, and no contests, show you and opponents in metal. Heavy which is also a switch in Brawl does not make you metal however it reduces recovery reach and you fall faster. If Metal and Heavy are on you may get more Falls than KOs! When you are metal you cannot speak. However, your movement sounds like metal

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