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6 Micro-Goombas in World 5-4.

Micro-Goombas are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are extremely small Goombas, they look like they nearly need a microscope to be seen. Micro-Goombas are rare enemies, only appearing in World 5-4 and World 7-5. These enemies are small, but always come in groups. They come in groups trying to swarm on the player, which can make progress much more difficult than usual. Micro-Goombas cannot hurt the player, however, they can make things worse, especially in World 5-4 where they can make the wooden raft sink. If too many Micro-Goombas stick onto Mario (or LuigiBlue Toad or Yellow Toad), they will move slower and be unable to jump, therefore hindering the heroes' movement. To defeat a Micro-Goomba, jump on it, fire a fireball, or Spin Jump. In World 7-5 more there are more Micro-Goombas than in World 5-4. Micro-Goombas also appear in Super Paper Mario, but are only mentioned by a resident of The Underwhere. The resident says he died because of a Micro-Goomba and an bottomless pit. A Sammer Guy named "Micro Boomba" is a reference to the Micro Goomba. Micro-Goombas also appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 as small, round, tan versions of Goombas (also known as Round Goombas). They are rare and only appear in a few galaxies. They can be defeated with one jump or one Spin and always leave behind a Coin when defeated. 

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