This is the artwork of a Micro Topman from Super Mario Galaxy.

Battlerock Galaxy TATT 5

Two Micro Topmen near Mario as he Spins Topmaniac into the Electric Fence in the Battlerock Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.

Micro Topmen, also known as Topminis, are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are one of the members of the Topmen group, the others being the Spiky Topman and the Spring Topman. Micro Topmen are the smallest members of the group. They are very small, yellow colored Topmen. Micro Topmen usually appear in groups of two to three and try to attack Mario/Luigi by spinning into them. Even though this attack does not damage Mario or Luigi, the push given from this attack can push them into something dangerous, such as Electric Fences or into Space. Even though Micro Topmen are small, smaller than a Goomba, who also appears in both "Mario Galaxy" games, their spin attack can still push Mario/Luigi a great distance. Micro Topmen also assist their leader, Topmaniac, during battle in Super Mario Galaxy. To defeat a Micro Topman, Mario/Luigi must use their attack back at them. If the heroes use their Spin attack on a Micro Topman, it will be pushed back and disappear defeated. This causes the enemy to release one Star Bit (due to its size). However if the heroes fire a Star Bit using the Star Cursor at them, they will be defeated and release three Star Bits instead of one. In Super Mario Galaxy, Micro Topmen make appearances in the Battlerock Galaxy and the Dreadnought Galaxy where they both prevent the player from reaching Topmaniac and assist Topmaniac during battle. In the Buoy Base Galaxy, a special green Sentry Beam at the top of the tower has the ability to produce three (or more) Micro Topmen to attack Mario/Luigi instead of firing normal red-colored, electric shockwaves. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Micro Topmen appear in the Space Storm Galaxy occuring as regular enemies along with their other Topmen members (since they have no boss to assist, most likely). They attack just like they did in Super Mario Galaxy.


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