Mine Area-1-

Several Mines in the Mine Area of the Sling Pod Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

003 (2)

Underwater Mines as they appear in the lake of the Deep Dark Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

Mines are obstacles/enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are two types of mines. One type is covered in spikes and is found everywhere except underwater. The other Mine is an underwater type. These underwater Mines have pupils who look at Mario when he nears them. However, if any type of Mine is touched, they explode, causing Mario to take damage or fall into space, a Black Hole, Poison Water, etc. In Super Mario Galaxy, they appear in various galaxies such as the Battlerock Galaxy. They are usually immobile, but sometimes they are found moving. They can be defeated if shot by a Star Bit. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they behave just like they do in Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, Yoshi cannot eat the Mines. Some of the Mines, when they blow up, release 1-Up Mushrooms.

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