MP9 Mini Star

This is the artwork of a Mini Star in Mario Party 9.

Mini Stars are items in Mario Party 9. They are small, light-colored rainbow stars. They originated from outer space and behave like Coins in the previous Mario Party games. This is because Mini Stars must be collected while advancing on stages. When collected, they add to the current player's Mini Star total. However, there are also dark versions of Mini Stars known as Mini Ztars, which deduct the the total amount of Mini Stars collected. During solo mode, it is revealed that Bowser and Bowser Jr. have used a vacuum-like machine to suck all the Mini Stars from space. So, Mario and the crew decided to save the Mini Stars. Whenever a minigame ends, a certain amount of Mini Stars is awarded to the players. After boss battles, "Captain Bonuses" are given to the captain of the current turn. Mini Stars can also be obtained by landing on a Mini Star Space, usually found whenever the player lands on a Lucky Space. Captain Events also give players Mini Stars in the form of special board-specific events. The most common way to obtain Mini Stars is to simply run into them while progressing on the board. Mini Stars can be found in groups of three, five or ten on boards. At the end of each board, Bonus Mini Stars are given to the players. Each Bonus Mini Star gives the player 5 Mini Stars. All Mini Stars the player collects will be converted into party points at the end of Party Mode. Mini Stars that are collected in Solo Mode will also be converted into party points, but only after the player completes Bowser Station. Mini Stars do not appear in DK's Jungle Ruins. They are replaced with Bananas, while Mini Ztars are replaced with Z-Bananas


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