MKWii Mirror Mode

The player controls a Mii through Daisy Circuit in Mirror Mode. If you know this course very well, then you can tell that this level is reversed.


Donkey Kong moves through Jungle Hijinxs, the first level of the Jungle, in Mirror Mode.

Mirror Mode is a minigame that appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns and an unlockable in Mario Kart Wii. In Mario Kart Wii, Mirror Mode is unlocked by completing all cups on 150cc. When a course is played in Mirror Mode, the track is reversed. So basically, if you put a mirror on the track in normal mode, you'll know what the track looks like in Mirror Mode. Mirror Mode in Mario Kart Wii does not do anything else in the level but reverse everything. Left turns will be right turns, signs will appear to have writing backwards, arrows will point the opposite direction, etc. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mirror Mode is unlocked after hitting the Slot Machine Barrel found in the Golden Temple. This mode is one of the three minigames in DKCR, the other two being Time Attack and the Bonus Room's minigame. Here, every level can be played in Mirror Mode, except Lift-off Launch, which cannot be played in any minigame, not even a Bonus Room. Here in DKCR's Mirror Mode, the levels are reversed. However, gameplay is slightly different than normal. Not only is the game reversed, but players cannot use inventory items, nor can they use Diddy Kong. This pretty much says it all (DK Barrels are not present in levels played in Mirror Mode). Also, there is no multiplayer feature for a level played in Mirror Mode. To add to this extreme difficulty, Donkey Kong must complete the level played in Mirror Mode with only one Heart. Clearing all levels played in Mirror Mode will unlock some extra images in the images gallery of the extras menu.

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