KEY Missile Waddle Dee 2

Kirby defeats a Missile Waddle Dee while another one can be seen on the platform to the right. This one on the right is holding a missile. A Gordo can also be seen in the picture.

Missile Waddle Dees are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are one of the many sub-species of Waddle Dees. They are quite rare enemies. Missile Waddle Dees, hence the name, are enemies who wield purple and orange missiles. When they spot Kirby or Prince Fluff, they will make the yarn missiles and throw them at the heroes. If one the heroes is hit by these missiles, they will take damage and lose Beads. To defeat these enemies, Kirby can capture their missiles using the yarn whip and throw it at them. It is to note that their missiles are also used by Bronto BurtsCannon Mariners and Blast Mariner


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