A Green Mite

Mites are enemies in The Subspace Emissary. They are very small, in fact, they are the smallest enemies in The Subspace Emissary! They are human stick figures with white hands and feet. Mites appear in Sea of Clouds, The Lake, The Forest, The Lake Shore, The Ruins, The Wilds, The Wilds 2, Battleship Halberd Interior, Battleship Halberd Exterior, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, Subspace, and The Battlefield Fortress, The Ruins, and the Path to the Ruins parts of The Great Maze. They come in three colors: red, green, and yellow.

Fox approaching a Red Mite.

They carry The Subspace logo on their heads. Mites move similar to Mr. Game & Watch. A Mite's attacks are weak usually doing minor damage (3-5% damage). It usually does a sex kick when attacking you. Mites are always in groups and usually come out of Spaceshifting Wormholes. Mites, themselves, are weak so you can capture it even on intense by throwing the trophy stand at one. The Mite's trophy shows Mites in all colors.


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