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A Mole Miner on a balloon in Mole Patrol.

Untitled picture13

A Mole Miner in a Minecart in Bombs Away.

Mole Miners are enemies in Donkey Kong Country Returns. The only appear in the Cave (Donkey Kong Country Returns) of Donkey Kong Island, but are very common in this world. They are the ones who constructed all the rails and Minecarts in the Cave. Mole Miners are brown moles with pink paws. Their headlamps cover their eyes. They also appear to have freckles on the side of their faces. They also have stubby tails and a large tooth sticking out of their mouth. Mole Miners attack by attaching themselves to balloons and swinging their axes which can hurt the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong). They are only a small threat though and are easy to avoid. In levels that feature Minecarts, such as Bombs Away, they ride on Minecarts and simply go the wrong way. With that being said, the Kongs must jump over or on top of them to avoid them. To defeat a Mole Miner, one can hit a Mole Miners balloon, which makes it fall, or land on top of its Minecart when jumping over it.

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