Moonview Highway.


Peach in the highway tunnel. Look how far she is from the others!


Waluigi in the city streets.


Near the toll booths that lead into the city.

Moonview Highway is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is half forest, half city. It probably has its name since it is a highway with a full moon in view. The race takes place at night. Since it is so dark, a light surrounds you as you drive. Cars, trucks and Bob-Omb Cars appear driving around. Hitting cars and trucks in the front wll squash you (like if you've been hit by someone with a Mega Mushroom). Hitting them to the side will flip you as if you've been hit by a Red Shell or Green Shell. If an item, or you hit a Bob-Omb Car it blows up (with you and other racers in it if caught. they're many advertisements here. If you look closely at the walls in the city, you'll notice the Shy Guy's and Bowser Jr.'s logos. Cars' license plates say "POW" referring to the POW Block. When the race begins you'll find some twisty turns. You can go up the cliffs to the right of you. Up there is a boost pad and two Item Boxes. You can do a stunt in the air, but you'll have difficulty turning, and most likely fall into the forest below. That means you must be rescued by Lakitu. The sharp turn (that you fell off into the forest if you went up the cliff) leads to a bridge. You'll then go in a straight path that leads to pairs of toll booths. The toll booths are being controlled by your Miis. As you near them, they'll open the booth, allowing you to enter the city. Police and Fire sirens can be heard while driving here. Many advertisements are in the city. In the city, they're many boost pads. Use them to go super fast. You'll then have to turn right. You'll enter a highway tunnel filled with boost pads. The tunnel turns right after entering it. You'll then exit the tunnel and find another pair of toll booths, being controlled by your Miis. Go through them. You'll be back in the forest area. After a few more turns, you've passed the finish line, starting your second lap. Cars have effects on a person with Mega Mushroom, but trucks don't. You'll feel like you hit a wall, when trying to push the truck away. All vehicles have effects on Starman. Since they're walls around the city, you cannot leave the highway.

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