Mushroom: Kingdom 2 is a stage is a stage in Super Smash Bros Melee.
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Mushroom Kingdom 2.

It is the size of Mushroom: Kingdom stage. The trees, cherries and platforms are flat and cannot be stood on. A Birdo will come every once in a while. She will shoot eggs at characters. The eggs cause damage to characters. They can be caught , however, and thrown at opponents. Birdo can be knocked off the stage with a few smash attacks. She can be kicked off the screen, however, you must be careful because if you aren't quick she will leave the stage. Also a Pidget which was an enemy in Super Mario Advance will appear it can be stood on for a fun ride but will go back into the blast line. If you stay on too long you are Koed. It is most likely a stage hazard. You can knock the Pidget off its carpet and ride on the carpet. The water looks alive and is rushing down. Mushroom: Kingdom 2 is a dangerous stage which you and opponents can easily get Koed by falling into the holes where the logs fall into and get Koed if you don't recover. Some of the knockback from opponents or yourself can push you between the spaces and fall. It is hard to recover on this stage as for recovery is a nerf (weakness) in Melee while recovery in Brawl (most of them) is a buff (strengthen). Watch where you land on this stage and be careful!

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