Mushroom Gorge.

800px-Mushroom Gorge Screenshot-1-

Baby Mario racing in Mushroom Gorge.

Mushroom Gorge is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is one of the first courses to be played in the game. It is a gorge filled with tall red and green Mushrooms that go over the clouds. The red mushrooms are bouncy and the player bounces on them when he lands on them. The green mushrooms are not bouncy, so the player drives like normal when on them. As you begin the race you turn left. You'll go over a bridge and then turn left again. You'll see the first mushrooms you can cross. They're is another path you can take to avoid the mushrooms. As you finish that part, you'll come across another pair of mushrooms. You can cross them or go around them. Now this leads you into a large cave. As you turn left, you'll realize it's filled with mushrooms! They is no way around either. You could take the path to the left or right, whichever is better for you. As you cross that "cavern of death" you'll make more left turns and cross the finish line. Congrats! You're ready for your second lap! Mushroom Gorge's music sounds like you're on a pirate ship.

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