Mushroom Houses, also known as Toad's house, are houses that appear in worlds of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

A Green Mushroom House in World 3.

They appear in every world of the game. There are 3 in each world, some different from others. Mushroom Houses are houses in the shape of a Mushroom. The Red Mushroom House, which resembles a normal Mushroom, is the most common. Upon entering this house will take you to a minigame called Power Up Panels. You must hit the panels and try to get as many Power Up matches as you can without getting a Bowser or Bowser Jr. match. The Yellow Mushroom House is probably the rarest of all.It has a white roof with stars on it. It takes the shortest time, since it is not a minigame. Upon entering this house will give you a Starman. The last of all is the Green Mushroom House, which resembles a 1up Mushroom. Upon entering the building will take you to a minigame called 1up Blast. You must enter one of the four cannons and aim at the moving 1up or 2up Balloons. You only have one shot. You earn 1ups when you hit the Balloons. Mushroom Houses disappear when used. Saving Toad, makes a Mushroom House appear on the arrowed platform on the map (the starting point). Mushroom Houses are never unlocked when you enter a world. They are locked until you beat the level closest to it. By beating the game, collecting all Star Coins in every world (that includes World 9 (NSMB Wii), finding all exits in a level, and using every Mushroom House and cannon on the map, will give a notice saying everything is cleared. Mushroom Houses will never go away.

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