MySims is a game on the Wii. In it, players can customize their avatar, and can do various tasks for the villagers around the areas.


There are various subsections in the town. There is the main town with the main buildings of the town. There is also a Japanese Garden area, which features Japanese houses and different decorations. There is also a desert section that has desert decorations, like tombs and cacti.


Essence is used during the game to decorate a piece of furniture into one of the five listed personalities. It can either be placed onto the furniture directly, or by painting one of the various patterns by the essence. Each painted piece or essence placed will use up one essence, and if the supply is depleted, using the essence can not be done until more is collected.

Essence can be collected in many different ways. It can be found by prospecting the ground for a chest filled with them, grown on trees, or fished from by water.


Other citizens in the town have various personalities. There are five points; Fun, Geeky, Cute, Studious, Tasty, and Spooky. These people will dress like their personality, and will talk about that. They will also decorate their house in the same way.

In the various subsections of town, there are housing plots, where the player can place villages that want to move into the town. There people can be found in the hotel, and everyday there are three different people. Once a person is picked out and the plot is also picked out, a building screen pops up that allows customization of the outside of the house.

When the person arrives in the house, the player may talk to them to be put on an errand. This will be making a piece of furniture and possibly decorate it a certain way by using essences. Once the task is done, the player will get access to the different features of the place of residence and also will raise the relationship status with the player. Future gifts can also be made to the resident, but is optional. Once a relationship is raised up high enough, the character will give the player a blueprint to a special piece of furniture that can only be given by them.

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