KRtDL Needlous

This is a picture of a Needlous in Nutty Noon. This is in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

KRtDL Needlous Ball Form

This is a picture of a Needlous in its ball form. This picture takes place in Nutty Noon of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Needlous are enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are grub-like creatures with yellow and brown skin. Needlous have eight spikes on their back and black beady eyes on their face. Needlous are not very common enemies, however they do make and appearance in Cookie Country and Nutty Noon. At first, Needlous can be found just slowly moving around, however, when Kirby and his buddies (Meta KnightKing DededeBandana Waddle Dee) near them, they will curl up into a yellow and brown ball with spikes portruding out and start rolling around at BREAKNECK SPEED. If Needlous hits Kirby or one of the heroes, they will take damage and lose any Copy Ability they were currently using. Needlous can be Inhaled, giving Kirby the Needle Copy Ability if done so. 



  • Needle Kirby has the power to curl up into a ball and roll around just like a Needlous can. 
  • Though Needlous' skin colors make them look similar to a bee without legs, they are actually based off of Lophocampa Maculata

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