The Nintendo Channel is a Wii Channel where you can preview upcoming games and virtual console games like WiiWare. It allows users to watch videos of clips from games. For instance, you are able to watch Mario Kart Wii commercials and Wii Fit commercials. It also lets users who own a Nintendo DS to download demoes to play on the ds.

You are also able to search information on Wii, DS, Wiiware and Virtual Console upcoming or present titles with the possibility of a video showing brief gameplay of the title(s)

If you have played a game for over an hour, then you have the option to review this title and the information will be submitted to Nintendo, reviewing titles are based upon 6 questions; Gender, age, personal rating, gamer or non-gamer, type of gamer(Casual or hardcore) and how many person (s) ideally. It also has Nintendo Week which is a weekly show on Mondays telling people about new games from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Channel was taken offline on June 27, 2013.

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