Optical disc

A section of the BCA of a Nintendo Optical Disc with two of the six additional cuts visible.

The Nintendo GameCube Game Disc (DOL-006) is the game medium for the Nintendo GameCube, created by Matsushita (Panasonic),[1] and later extended for use on the Wii through backward compatibility.[2] The GameCube Game Disc is a 1.5 GB,[3] 8 cm miniDVD based technology which reads at a constant angular velocity (CAV). It was chosen by Nintendo to prevent copyright infringement of its games,[4][5] to reduce cost[6][7] by avoiding licensing fees to the DVD Forum and to reduce loading times. This also limits the consoles from being used as general DVD players.[8][9]

The GameCube Game Disc was often criticized by game developers for its relatively small storage: some games with large amounts of data had to be placed across two discs. Multi-platform games that fit on PlayStation 2 and Xbox DVD discs occasionally had to have certain features removed to fit on GameCube Game Discs. Full-motion video scenes and audio had to use more compression to fit on a single disc, reducing their quality. Prior to the Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo consoles traditionally used cartridge-based media.

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