Two Octoguys.

Octoguys are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They look like fat, pink Octoombas with lighter spots. They are different from Octoombas because they can spit many rocks at a time and may run away at times. In Super Mario Galaxy, Octoguys are quite rare enemies. They only appear in mass numbers in the Honeyhive Galaxy, Gold Leaf Galaxy and the Deep Dark Galaxy. In the Honeyhive Galaxy they appeared in the water-filled planet, trying to prevent Bee Mario from getting to the Queen Bee. They also appeared on the Queen Bee's planet. In the Gold Leaf Galaxy, they appeared in the final planet of the second mission in the water-filled planet. In the Deep Dark Galaxy, they guarded a Fire Flower that was needed for Mario or Luigi to proceed through the level. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Octoguys are more common. They first appeared in the Boulder Bowl Galaxy and later appearing in the Shiverburn Galaxy's Prankster Comet mission.

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