An Octoomba.

Octoombas are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a very common alien enemy. Octoombas look like Goombas and octopi which mix up to its name. They have an antenna on their heads. In Super Mario Galaxy, Octoombas appear in various parts and headbutt Mario when he approaches. In some cases, if Mario defeats some Octoombas a secret may be unlocked. This is seen on several Airships in the game, where Mario had to defeat two of them to make a bridge appear. Octoombas can easily be squashed. When you jump on them, they leave behind a Coin. If you Spin them, they release three Star Bits. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Octoombas have new attacks, where they no longer headbutt Mario. They instead shoot boulders at the player like another sub-species known as Octoguys. There are also new sub-species of Octoombas in this game- Octoboos and Elite Octoombas. It is said that King Kaliente and Prince Pikante are Octoombas.

Cosmic Blooper-1-

Mario jumping over two Octoombas.


  • Octoguys
  • Octopuses
  • Octoboos
  • Elite Octoombas

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