Waluigi Offroader-1-

Waluigi in his Offroader.

The Off-Roader is a kart for large characters in Mario Kart Wii. It is shaped like a dune buggy. The Offroader has bullhorns at the front and a spare tire at the back. Although the name says Offroader, the offroader is nowhere near the top 5 vehicles that can drive off-road. The Offroader's stats are similar to the Wario Bike's stats.


  • Speed: Medium
  • Weight: Excellent
  • Acceleration: Mid-high
  • Handling: High
  • Drift: Abysmal
  • Off-Road: Medium
  • Mini-Turbo: Mid-high

The Offroader's highest strength is its weight. It is a very heavy kart. Its handling and acceleration is also good too. It has average speed. Out of all karts, the Offroader has the worst drifting.

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