A One Hit KO is a move that KOs at 0% damage. Such moves are extremely powerful. One Hit KOs are abbreviated as OHKOs. Here are some moves that are One Hit KOs.

- Wario Man's fully charged Wario Waft.

- A Dragoon attack

- Tabuu's Off Waves

- Getting crushed by moving walls or floors in The Subspace Emissary.

- Ultimate Chimera's bite

- Ganondorf's Beast Ganon

- Marth's Critical Hit

- Home- run Bat side smash

-Touching Moltres in SSBM and SSBB

- Using an extremely powerful hit on a Soccer Ball and it hits an opponent

- Deoxy's Hyper Beam

- Suicune's Aura Beam

-Ike's Stage 8 Eruption

- Tabuu's Golden Bracket move on Intense

- First Spike on Rumble Falls stage.

- Roy's almost fully charged Flare Blade.

- A Pitfall against Wario on Wario Bike.


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