An Ooki as it appears in a level of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Ookis are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are similar to Waddle Doos in appearance. However, Ookis are light brown, have round arms, a dark brown button eye, a smiling mouth, two dark brown feet, and a long tail. Ookis also resemble monkeys; their name sounds like that of a monkey. Ookis are not too common enemies, however, they do appear in Fountain Gardens of Grass Land, and Whispy's Forest of Dream Land. Ookis do not attackk Kirby and Prince Fluff; instead they just appear throwing Beads at them. Each Ooki throws 10 times: 1 value 10 Beads, 2 value 5 Beads, and 7 value 1 Bead in a random order. This is a total value of 27 Beads. When Ookis run out of Beads to throw, they hand around and do nothing at all. In Whispy's Forest, when Kirby is in Tankbot form, Ookis appear and throw Apples, which can damage the Tankbot. If Kirby or Prince Fluff transforms into their Weight form over an Ooki's tail, it will fall from where it is hanging and run around. Ookis can easily be defeated, however, when they are defeated, they do not respawn in the same spot. 


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