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Peach Beach.

Peach Beach is a course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a beach that belongs to Peach. It first appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, making it a retro cup. The course takes place at the beach on a sunny afternoon. Hotels (or buildings) are in the background. The Daisy Cruiser is also in the background. It is a ship that belongs to and advertises Daisy. During the beginning of the race, you'll start going straight. You'll come to a right turn. You'll see a pipe. You can go through it but it wastes time. Only one shortcut in Peach Beach does not waste time. Anyway while ou are turning, the Daisy Cruiser is in view. After the turn, you'll find yourself on the beach. Here the paths spilit up. If you take the path on the right, Cataquacks are found here. By touching the Cataquacks, will make them flip you over in the air. Anyway the path will lead to a pink rock which creates a tunnel. Taking the path on the left, may work and may not work. That is because after going on the ramp stairs, the path will become road, then water. If its sand, you are able to get over it safely. However, if it's water, you'll waste time going through it. You see water slows you down. After going under the rock tunnel, you'll turn right. Here are two more Cataquacks. Passing the Cataquacks is a turn right. You'll then go up a hill. Item Boxes, move left to right. After going up the hill, you'll see the finish line and a path on your left. It goes around a fountain. This wastes time. Congrats! You're ready for your second lap!

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