A Penguin.


Mario swimming with the Penguins.

Penguins are penguins who appear in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Strikers Charged and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. In Super Mario Galaxy, Penguins appear in the Loopdeeloop Galaxy, the Sea Slide Galaxy, Drip Drop Galaxy, Buoy Base Galaxy, Loopdeeswoop Galaxy, and the Beach Bowl Galaxy. There is one lone Penguin on the Freezeflame Galaxy. There is also a Grandpa Penguin named Penguru found in the Bigmouth Galaxy, Drip Drop Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy and Grand Finale Galaxy. Usually, the Penguins challenge Mario/Luigi to some sort of water challenge like surfing, collecting shells, or racing them. Penguins are quite friendly, and give Mario tips on how to swim and even help him find Silver Stars. In the Loopdeeloop and Loopdeeswoop Galaxy, Penguins spend their time surfing on manta rays. Penguins have a Coach, who is a tall black Penguin. The Coach looks like a Penguin found in Antarctica! He teaches Mario and Luigi how to swim with shells. Penguins live in tropical areas. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Penguins reappear in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy along with Penguru and Coach from the previous game. A young Penguin boards Starship Mario after a certain mission is completed. In Mario Strikers Charged, Penguins are just part of the audience. In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter games, Penguins appear as spectators in Dream Curling. Also one appears as a VIP. Penguins are also hazards in Mario Kart Wii. They are only found in Sherbet Land. In this course, there is a cave infested with Penguins slowly circling icy columns. Any racer who touches a Penguin will spin out and lose an Items they were currently wielding. In Mario Party 8, one Penguin is a racer in Moped Mayhem. Another Penguin must be found in the Spector Inspector minigame. In Mario Party 9, Penguins are obstructions in Polar Extreme. They can be found wandering around pieces of ice. Any character who comes in contact with them will be stunned. Just like with other players, they can be stomped on but will not be affected by doing so. In Mario Sports Mix, they are seen standing on icebergs in the background during Smash Skate



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