The Phantom is a bike for large characters in Mario Kart Wii. It looks like a chopper belonging to someone evil, or ghostly. It can't be a Boo who drives such a spooky vehicle. Could it bee King Boo? The Phantom has average speed and min-turbo. The Phantom's best stat is its off-road stat, which rivals the Dolphin Dasher. Its weight, acceleration, and handling are also good. However, it has the worst drifting among any other vehicle in the game. No large Karts have similar stats. However, the stats are similar to the Zip Zip's. The Phantom can be unlocked by winning the gold cup in the mirror special cup.
Phantom Bike-1-

The Phantom bike.


  • Speed: Medium
  • Weight: Mid-high
  • Acceleration: Medium
  • Handling: Mid-high
  • Drift: Abysmal
  • Off-Road: High
  • Mini-Turbo: Medium

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