The Photo Channel is a channel included with the Wii. It is used to manage and edit photos and movies placed on the console using an SD Card or stored on the Message Board by games or Wii Friends.


Once a photo has been selected, it can be edited by selecting the "Fun!" option. Here, the player can turn the picture into a basic puzzle, add color effects to the photo, and draw on the photo in a basic paint program. Even though the edits are lost once the player quits the channel, edited versions can be posted to the Message Board and viewed whenever the player likes.

Players can also display slide shows of their photos. They can put the slide show to music, either using default music tracks included with the channel or music files on the SD card. The photos are transitioned using the Ken Burns Effect.

With the Photo Channel 1.1 update downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel and preinstalled on Wiis shipped after December 10, 2007, users can also add one of the photos as their "favorite" photo, which will appear on the screen.

File Formats

For photos, the Photo Channel supports JPEG file format only. However, movies can also be edited, using the MJPEG, QuickTime MOV, and AVI formats. After the Photo Channel 1.1 update, support for MPEG-4 movies were added.

Photo Channel 1.0 supports MP3 audio files only, while Photo Channel 1.1 replaces MP3 support with AAC support.

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