The Kongs in Platform Panic.

Platform Panic is the seventh level in Donkey Kong Country Returns, as well as the seventh level in the Jungle (Donkey Kong Country Returns). It is the first secret level in the game (first temple level in the game too), and all of the Jungle's K-O-N-G Letters must be collected to unlock it. This level takes place in a temple. Each of the temple's platforms do not appear until the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) approach the area where it will appear, similarly to the Cosmic Platforms in Super Mario Galaxy. These platforms disappear shortl after the Kongs step on them, so Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must be constantly moving. As the apes proceed, many spikes begin to appear all around this level, and the Kongs must also start bouncing on the heads of many Tiki Buzzes. Other than Tiki Buzzes, enemies in this level include Tiki Zings, Tiki Goons and Tiki Dooms. In Time Attack mode, a time of 1:13:00 is needed to earn a gold medal, a time of 1:30:00 for a silver medal, and a time of 1:47:00 for a bronze medal.


The Kongs begin the level heading straight towards three collapsible platforms. Then there is another trio of collapsible platforms with a Tiki Goon on the second one. After those, four platforms will pop up, with two Tiki Goons and a Tiki Doom. Past that are two platforms separated by a Tiki Zing, with three higher platforms that have three Tiki Zings at different levels above it. Once the apes get past all of that, there are four thin platforms, with a Tiki Goon on the second and a Tiki Doom on the fourth. Next, there are three platforms with the middle slightly being higher than the others, which holds a Tiki Goon with four Tiki Buzzes hovering over all three of them. After the primates pass all of that, they'll reach three platforms separated by two Tiki Zings between the first and the second. The Kongs need to jump in between them and continue low as two Big Zings lie above them, then head over to a Tire. The Kongs need to bounce high off the tire to jump safely over the three vertical Tiki Zings onto the next Tire leading to three descending platforms, each holding a Tiki Goon, which lead to a safe platform. Following the resting platform are three collapsing platforms with a Tiki Zing in between the

The Kongs on a platform.

second and third and another above the third platform. After safely jumping between them, the Kongs need to continue and drop to the low platform below three vertical Tiki Zings and back up to the next few platforms. The the primates will need to jump to the next two platforms to reach the tall platforms which follow by a lower platform to another tall platform. At the last platform, the apes need to wait to have the platform start falling before they can reach the lower platforms that were blocked off by an immobile wall. Continuing on, the apes need to hop towards the platform with spikes right above it, to a taller platform that has four leaning sides towards a Tire. The Kongs then need to bounce high off that tire onto five Tiki Buzzes, with the last one needed to drop onto another Tiki Buzz leading to a short platform. After that, they need to bounce high on a Tire, over the spikes, onto another Tire which leads to a few platforms that lead to eight low Tiki Buzzes with spikes high above them. After the Kongs hop low over the Tiki Buzzes, they land on the second resting platform. After the resting platform are two collapsing platforms with a Tiki Buzz after it. Using that Tiki Buzz, the Kongs need to bounce well off of it to safely make it over the spikes to the next Tiki Buzz to another collapsing platform. Next lies three platforms with a Tiki Buzz in between the first and second along with spikes immediately above them. The Kongs need to bounce lightly on the Tiki Buzz to avoid contact with the spikes, and then wait on the last platform to fall near the lower platforms blocked by another immobile wall. After that are two platforms and then two spikes facing each other, which the Kongs must hop between, followed by four thin platforms that have some spikes above it. Then the primates need to jump onto four uphill platforms to three Tiki Buzzes followed by two Tiki Buzzes separated by spikes. After landing on the following platform, they need to bounce high off a Tire to two Tiki Buzzes, down four downhill platforms towards a Tiki Buzz. Then the apes must bounce high to get across the following spike platform onto three Tiki Buzzes with spikes above the second Tiki Buzz. The last Tiki Buzz has the heroes bouncing high to get to the last Tiki Buzz in the level. After that, the Kongs need to land and shoot out of an Auto-Fire Barrel to reach the final area where the teal Rare Orb lies. The Kongs must grab it to complete the level.


Puzzle Pieces

  1. PlatformPanic165-1-

    The Kongs hovering towards a Puzzle Piece.

    After traveling over a few of the collapsing platforms, one pops up with a Tiki Goon. The Kongs need to hop onto the Tiki Goon and rise with a boost to the four Tiki Buzzes. The Puzzle Piece is between the second and the third one, which the apes must hop on the Tiki Buzzes to reach it.
  2. At the first stable platform, there is a pot that can be pounded on, which reveals a Puzzle Piece, which the heroes can easily obtain.
  3. The third Puzzle Piece is a little past the second piece. There are three platforms, one being very tall, and the other two holding two platforms- one being very tall and the other being shorter. The player must stand on the first platform and wait for it to fall. Then they must jump to the shorter platform to grab the third piece.
  4. The next Puzzle Piece is farther into the level. The apes can find it high up near a hanging platform. They need to hop onto the tire to the right of it and lean to the left to grab it. However, to survive, the primates quickly need to bounce back onto the tire before it falls in order to get across the spiky platform to the right of it.
  5. The last Puzzle Piece is similar to the fourth Puzzle Piece, however there are three Tiki Buzzes next to it. The player must have Donkey Kong hop onto the tire and spring off of it to the left Tiki Buzz to grab the Puzzke Piece. They need to either hop to the second pair of Tiki Buzzes, or spring off to continue on with the level.

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