A Pokey Sprout nearing Mario in the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Pokey Sprouts are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a sub-species of Pokeys. Pokey Sprouts are green Pokeys without body segments who only include the head. They cannot fall on the player, for they are too small to do such. Instead, Pokey Sprouts are found dug in the ground pretending to be flowers until the player comes near. When the player nears these enemies, they will jump out of the ground and chase him by bouncing up and down. Pokey Sprouts, like any other enemy in the game, damage Mario if touched. To defeat a Pokey Sprout, the player must Spin them or jump on them.
SSG GS1-1-

Two Pokey Sprouts in the Slipsand Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 nearing Mario.

Pokey Sprouts only appear in desert-themed galaxies such as the Dusty Dune Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy and the Slipsand Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Five Pokey Sprouts in the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

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