Kirby trips over a Banana Peel in Skyworld. This is a Prat Fall.


Kirby's confused (more annoyed) face after tripping over the Banana Peel in Skyworld.

Prat Falling is a new feature in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is also called tripping and happens whenever the control stick. The player will fall to the ground and sit with a confused expression. It is one of the many Group Records (character records) along with # of KOs, Falls, Drownings, Self-destructs, Lost Coins, Collected Coins etc. Prat Falls are a great way to KO an opponent since when they fall, you are able to do a quick, uncharged, smash attack. The sound of the fall is if the character is from a realistic or cartoonish universe.

Causes of Prat Falling-

  • If the control stick is smashed.
  • Walking on a Banana Peel.
  • Luigi's Negative Zone causes tripping.
  • Surfaces with a lack of traction such as ice floors.
  • Getting hit by Down tilts and low attacks can cause the character to trip.
  • An Uncharged Wario Waft can cause tripping.
  • When Tingle makes a rain shower of Banana Peels.

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