Mario swimming past a Preying Mantas.


Four Preying Mantas in the Bigmouth Galaxy.

Preying Mantas are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a type of jellyfish found swimming in lake waters. Even though both games also have a similar enemy, the Jellyfish, Preying Mantas are a lot smaller than Jellyfish and are white instead of blue. Preying Mantas come in groups of four swimming around, however, they are quite rare enemies. In Super Mario Galaxy, they only appear in the Deep Dark Galaxy and the Bigmouth Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they only appear in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy. Touching a Preying Mantas, hurts the player, however, they can be defeated with a Spin or a Koopa Shell. They give the player one Coin when defeated.
Jellyfish smg2-1-

A Preying Mantas in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy of Super Mario Gakaxy 2.

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