Prickly Piranha Plant Galaxy

This picture shows the artwork of a Prickly Piranha Plant in Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario backflips to land on a Prickly Piranha Plant's head in the Gusty Garden Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.

Prickly Piranha Plants are enemies that appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are one of the many sub-species of Piranha Plants. Prickly Piranha Plants are large purple Piranha Plants with a green stem covered in spikes, hence the name "prickly". Because of their spikes, they can cause Mario/Luigi damage if they come in contact with them. Prickly Piranha Plants do not chomp at Mario/Luigi, unlike normal Piranha Plants. They instead try to slam their head down on the heroes after they spot them. This attack can easily be dodged by backing away since they prepare to attack, much like regular Piranha Plants, however if Mario/Luigi get hit by this plant's attack, they will lose one wedge of health from their Health Meter. To defeat the Prickly Piranha Plant, one must jump on its head after it slams down. The enemy will then explode into many Star Bits. They can also be defeated by Spinning a Stretch Plant at them or by firing a Fireball via the Fire Flower at them. These enemies are sometimes required to be defeated in order to proceed. Sometimes when defeated, they cause a Sproutle Vine to appear instead of producing many Star Bits to appear. Prickly Piranha Plants do appear quite often in Super Mario Galaxy. However, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Prickly Piranha Plants are very rare (much rarer than in Super Mario Galaxy), however, one does appear in the Rightside Down Galaxy, as well as the Throwback Galaxy. A new sub-species of the Prickly Piranha Plant, known as the Spiky Piranha Plant is introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a black version of the Prickly Piranha Plant with orange spikes on its head as well as normal colored spikes on its stem. It attacks just like a Prickly Piranha Plant (it slams its head down at the heroes when they get near). Since it cannot be jumped on, this enemy must be defeated by spinning a Stretch Plant into it when it slams its head down. Also, regardless of how common a Prickly Piranha Plant is in a "Mario Galaxy" game, there will always be one encountered per galaxy mission (only noticed in galaxies that they appear in). This means there is never two Prickly Piranha Plants appearing in the same mission nor at the same place. These enemies are sometimes mistaken and are called Super Piranha Plants. Even though they and Spiky Piranha Plants are a sub-species of Super Piranha Plants (as well as Piranha Plants) these enemies are two different characters. Also Super Piranha Plants have yet to appear in a "Mario Galaxy" game (they never appeared in any of the two current "Mario Galaxy" games).


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