Prince Pikante-1-

Prince Pikante.

Prince Pikante is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is fought in the Shiverburn Galaxy's mission, "Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood". Prince Pikante looks like a large, green Octoomba stuck in a barrel. He mans a tank with two spiked wheels and six cannons. He has a red crown and yellow eyes. Prince Pikante has a look like King Kaliente with yellow eyes and a similar mouth. He may be the son of King Kaliente, but this is unknown. Prince Pikante mainly attacks by shooting four flaming rocks, three from each cannon and one from his mouth. When the flaming rocks touch the ground, they create small puddles of lava. The lava puddle lasts for a few seconds. Mario needs to use the icy stage to skate around the shot projectiles. However, traction is awful since the entire stage of battle is covered in ice. You may have a hard time trying to avoid the fireballs the boss shoots. Like King Kaliente, Prince Pikante will occasionally shoot a Coconut. When this happens Mario must hit back the Coconut at the boss. After he is hit, Prince Pikante moves at a faster pace. However, you must use the same strategy as before. After being hit a second time, Prince Pikante becomes red and moves even faster. This time he spits out six flaming rocks at a time. He also tries to ram into the player. He

Prince Pikante shooting coconuts.

also uses a new attack, he looks up to the sky and shoots multiple rocks and a few coconuts into the sky. The rocks and coconuts slowly fall to the ground. Mario must hit another coconut to send it flying at the prince. If Mario misses the coconut, he will go back to normal and shoot four rocks at a time. He will also shoot a coconut. Once defeated, his tank explodes, sending Prince Pikante flying. Mario then receives his Power Star. Prince Pikante's and King Kaliente's name both mean hot or spicy. They both attack quite similar too.

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