Toad on his Quacker.

The Quacker is a bike for small characters in Mario Kart Wii. It is the shape of a white duck toy. It has exhaust pipes and what resemble wings on the sides. The Quacker has the best acceleration in the game. It also has good handling and drifting. Its speed is fairly low. It is the lightest vehicle in the game, making it easy for heavy vehicles to push it away. The stats are similar to that of the Cheep Charger. Both of them are based on a type of animal. This bike can only be driven by small characters like Toad.


  • Speed: Mid-low
  • Weight: Abysmal
  • Acceleration: Excellent
  • Handling: Very High
  • Drift: Very High
  • Off-Road: Mid-high
  • Mini-Turbo: High

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