Quicksand, as it appears surrounding the yellow side of the Maze Planet of the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Quicksand is a dangerous obstacle that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It appears in sandy areas like the Dusty Dune Galaxy (where it tends to be most common in) and also makes a minor appearance in the Sand Spiral Galaxy and Bowser's Galaxy Reactor. Quicksand is the "dangerous" type of sand. It can be noticed by its darker, more orange color than regular sand, along with the orange ripples that travel through it. If Mario/Luigi end up falling into Quicksand, they will be sucked in (much like with Poison Water) and lose a life (also causing the "Too Bad!" screen to appear before the life is lost). A Game Over can also happen but it depends on the amount of lives the player has obtained. Quicksand is one of the many obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy that can cause lives to be lost, along with Lava, Freezing Water, Space, Dark Matter, Poison Water, and Black Holes. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Quicksand only appears in one mission of the Slipsand Galaxy. In this mission, Mario/Luigi must ride the Sand Sailer while avoiding cacti, Magikoopas and a Silver Chomp, all of which try to make them fall into the Quicksand. The cacti and Silver Chomp also destroy parts off of the Sand Sailer (along with the Silver Chomp homing in on Mario/Luigi and the Magikoopas following the heroes and spawning fireballs), making it more difficult to avoid falling into the Quicksand while on the ride to the Power Star. If they fall into the Quicksand in this mission, like in Super Mario Galaxy, they will lose a life. 


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